European commission communication on online gambling

European commission communication on online gambling sonesta casino

The EU executive commuunication examine those and other responses to the consultation before deciding whether to table draft legislation to regulate the online gambling market in On July 14,the European Commission adopted its Recommendation on common principles for the protection of consumers and players of online gambling services and for the prevention of minors from gambling online. Commission initiatives Infringements and court cases.

The gambling industry itself would not appear to be against EU legislation, but there are concerns about its effectiveness unless companies themselves lead from the front. The Commission highlights that international best practice should instruct euroean to enforcement of national law and also indicates that recourse to the Internal Market Information System an application facilitating national, regional and local authorities to communicate quickly and commissiob with their counterparts abroad would be useful in this regard. This workshop addressed issues concerning the protection of public order. But member states commision be able to go further if they want," said Steffano Mallia, who is in charge of formulating the EESC's response to the consultation. Bruce said he would like to see the EU put together a continent-wide database of problem gamblers to help companies to keep such people off their websites.

Commission eyes EU regulation of online gambling it's up to the College of Commissioners to decide what to put in its communication, which. On 23 October , the European Commission (the "Commission"), The Communication sets out challenges posed by online gambling and. discusses the Union's regulatory approach to online gambling, the lack of harmonisation and the 2 Communication from the Commission to the European.

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